Instantaneous doctor -2-hospital and doctor -2-doctor appointment scheduling

Problem we solve

Current workflow of appointment scheduling

  1. Appointments are scheduled by phone call while documents need to be sent via fax or mail
  2. On average a call takes 3-5 minutes but frequently multiple attempts are necessary
  3. Limited to office hours and telephone line capacity
  4. No realtime negotiation process in case of email inquiries or online forms – need for additional phone calls
  5. No established appointment pathway from hospital to primary physician

Pain-points of the current referral process

  • Work overload

    On the side of the referrer and the provider (more than 10.000 phone calls per month in larger hospitals)
  • Poor quality of patient care

    Due to lack of technical options to schedule an appointment automatically directly from GP office
  • Delay in diagnosis/treatment

    Due to patient's inability to schedule the appointment
  • Outdated analog communication technology

    Phones, letters and a lack of acceptance for internet based platforms due to data protection concerns
  • Waste of resources

    Up to 25% rate of no shows

Technical solution

  1. Fully qualified, digital appointment inquiry including relevant patient documents
  2. Available 24/7
  3. Appointment negotiation pathway from hospital to primary physician
  4. Comprehensive implementation of security measures to protect patient identifying information


Developing the online, highly secure scheduling platform which simplifies the referral process by making instantaneous doctor-2-doctor and doctor-2-hospital appointment scheduling possible while keeping the patient in the loop.

Ecosystem for virtual clinic

Thanks to additional modules MedRefer can help you build and scale your online clinic
  • Easy to adjust and fully integrate system for automatic collection of medical interviews or PROMs
  • Customized and secure solution for video consultations
  • Dedicated mobile aps for extending patient care and promoting your brand



  • Availability 24/7 with clear appointment status (new, pending, booked)
  • Newly established communication channel with referring physician (rescheduling, inquiry about additional patient data)
  • Higher percentage of high quality appointment data
  • Best practices security architecture of the system


  • Increase in appointment handling capacity
  • Higher percentage of appointments scheduled directly at physician office
  • Reduced number of phone calls → reduced stress on workforce
  • Reduced number of no shows



  • Quickly accessible patient data
  • Intuitive design, aligned with commonly used e-mail software
  • Excellent appointment handling capabilities thanks to filters, tags and statuses
  • Integration with external calendars (e.g. Outlook)

Appointment form

  • Easy and intuitive appointment request form to speed up data entry
  • Automatic feedback on provider's availability hours
  • Integration possibilities with HIS and EMR systems

Security and Data

  • Secure access for authorized GP and Hospital staff
  • Secure data transmission and storage using proven communication and encryption technologies
  • Strict adherence to data protection regulations (GDPR)

About Us

The core concept for this solution raised from necessity as doctors around the world are facing the same problem - how to conveniently and effectively schedule medical appointments for their patients? This led to the inception of MedRefer - a product born, developed and tested in a clinical environment. Our team understands the needs of the users and the complexity of the healthcare system. In addition to the high level of medical expertise and excellent technical skills the founder team has at their disposal a broadly diversified network of international healthcare and IT professionals focused on innovation and digitalization in medicine.
Piotr Gąsierkiewicz
Piotr Gąsierkiewicz
prof. Jędrzej Kosiuk
prof. Jędrzej Kosiuk
dr Sebastian Hilbert
dr Sebastian Hilbert

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